Accredited First Aid Training

Accredited courses follow a nationally recognized standard and require assessment to be completed. Some common forms of accredited first aid courses are:

  • CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) courses
  • Advanced first aid and medical response programs
  • Workplace-specific first aid courses

These programs are often necessary for individuals working in specific professions, such as healthcare, child-minding services, or physical training. They come with a formal qualification, which is a legal requirement in many workplaces.

Advanced Resuscitation

Who Needs Accredited First Aid Training?

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Workplace Safety officers
  • Childcare workers
  • Coaches and physical education teachers
  • Those needing a formal certification for their occupation

Benefits of Accredited Training:

  • Meets legal workplace requirements
  • Comes with a recognized certification
  • Offers in-depth, specific knowledge pertinent to the field

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