What is a Compliance Framework?

How is Compliance Solutions Made Simple?

Done For You

We create a purpose built compliance system for you. We organise everything you need and implement your compliance solutions with our team of compliance experts. Our experts are in Work Health & Safety, Human Resources and all areas of business.


Fire Audit Done FOR You

This is where we come out to your site; take photos and make notes and then complete an Audit Report with all details and photos included

Done With You

To make your compliance solutions simple, we will often do some of the compliance with you.  We can walk through and mentor your employees on what, when, how things needs to be done.



Fire Audit done WITH You

This is where we do a virtual audit.  You download the Zoom APP to your phone.  We send you a zoom link at the appropriate time.  With either an ear piece in or you are on speaker phone, we then instruct you on auditing your premises – basically do a walk through.  This is a mentoring process.  The session is recorded and then screen shots can be used to include in the final audit report.  The option is for us to complete the audit or you can complete the audit. 

Done By You

There are times when, with instruction you can do aspects of your compliance yourself.  In those situations we have detailed training instructions on what to do and you can work on it in your own time and your own pace.  Once you have completed the task then you liaise again with your consultant.


Fire Audit Done BY You

We have self-paced online training that walks you through the audit process that includes all reusable templates, supporting documentation and other audit reports such as auditing your emergency plan and auditing your fire diagrams.

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