Continuous Professional Development

If you require Continuous Professional Development Points The Answer is Yes and has a range of courses that have been recognized as CPD courses.

The Power of Authenticity in Selling

‘The Power of Authenticity’ is a CPD Accredited online sales training programme designed for anyone for whom traditional sales methods seem inappropriate, ineffective or uncomfortable.

Beyond Loss

Have you noticed that most of us have never been taught how move beyond loss? There wasn’t a class. There wasn’t anything that prepared us. No wonder many of us are stuck in avoidance and end up suffering in silence.

The Three Keys to Greater Profits

Alan Stevens, James Short and Karen Chaston bring you The 3 Keys to Greater Profits

  1. “The People and Profits Connection”
  2. “The Relationships and Profits Connection”
  3. “The Strategy and Profits Connection”

The Keys to Understanding Your Child

Learn how to understand your own child or your students. It looks at the top three personality traits that can help you identify the main causes of major issues that affect children. 

Building Instant Rapport in Real Estate that Results in More Sales!

This course if for Real Estate Agents who want to make faster connections, Win More Listings and get sales done faster; make more sales or get more time freedom.

To influence behaviours or close a sale, you have to first open a relationship. In just a few hours and 10 short modules you will have the skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Basic Facial Profiling

Taking Your Communication Skills to the Next Level! Have the ability to read people’s facial expressions. No longer will you have to rely on what someone says but you will be able to read their face and know what they are really saying!

The Truth Seeker

Finding the Real Truth of a Situation!  Who would benefit from this course? 

Private Investigators | Law Enforcement | Lawyers | Work Health & Safety Investigators | Child Care Workers, Teachers and Principals | Human Resource Managers | Aged Care Managers | Anyone who wants to know if someone is lying! 

The People Profits Connection

Have you ever felt surely there must be an easier way to motivate your staff? 

This is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, productivity and profits. 

7 Steps to Create an Effective Brand & Marketing Plan

When starting out in your business, brand, and marketing is one of the essential areas that you as a business owner should be involved in. You need to position your brand presence eloquently and correctly the first-time around. It is only your business identity and reputation, followed by a brand legacy that you are establishing.