Fire Training

The threat of fire presents a serious risk to any business, with potential consequences ranging from property damage to loss of life. Far more than a legal requirement, being fire compliant is about safeguarding your personnel, assets, and business operations. Despite its critical importance, the process of achieving full compliance can often seem daunting and complex.  We have created a range of prior planning fire training courses that will teach you step by step how you can become compliant.

If you are at the beginning and starting your fire training journey then click on the prior preparation and planning button.  This highlights all the areas that must be in place BEFORE you do your staff training.

If however, you have the following in place, then click on the Staff Training button:

  • -Hazard and Risk Assessment
  • -Evacuation Signs and Diagrams
  • -Fire Safety Audit
  • -Safety Signage Audit
  • -Emergency Management Response Plan
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