How to Manage Contractors that work in your business

Staying Compliant, Staying Afloat 

Workplace safety regulations are not just legal red tape; they are the guardrails that keep your business on track. With compliance violations leading to hefty fines and potential shutdowns in extreme cases, understanding the WHS Act's intricacies is vital. This course provides a comprehensive review of legal requirements and best practices in three key areas: 

  • Workplace health and safety 
  • Risk management frameworks 
  • Compliance responsibilities for contractors 

How to Manage Contractors that Work In Your Premises

When it comes to managing the safety of your employees and the contractors who work in your facilities, being ahead of the curve. It can not only save lives but also save your company's reputation, and the bottom line. Our new course, How to Manage WHS and Contractors Working in Your Premises, is designed to be the ultimate course for organizations serious about fostering a safety-first culture.


Beyond Compliance: Safety as a Strategic Advantage 

Safety is not just about avoiding penalties; it is also about creating a competitive edge. By establishing an impeccable safety record, companies can attract and retain talent, win the trust of consumers, and streamline operations. This module addresses: 

  • Leveraging safety as a selling point 
  • Using safety to enhance brand reputation 
  • Incorporating safety ethos in corporate strategies 

Protecting Your Biggest Asset: Your People 

The health and well-being of your workers are non-negotiable. Any cost-cutting or oversight in this area can have devastating consequences for your employees and company morale. This section of our course turns the spotlight on: 

  • Creating a safe work environment 
  • WHS responsibilities at all levels of the organization 
  • Injury and incident reporting

Navigating the Complex Contractor Landscape 

The modern workplace is not just staffed by employees but by a cadre of contractors and temporary workers. Ensuring that they adhere to your safety standards, while also conforming to state regulations, presents a unique challenge. We'll explore: 

  • The crossover of WHS and contractor management 
  • Risk assessment and management for contractors 
  • Ensuring safety compliance without administrative overload