What Bias Water are You Swimming in that is Ruining Your Life

Registration to Reality: Free Course Unveiled 

Step out from the comforting fog of your biases: our free course, 'What Bias Water are You Swimming in that is Ruining Your Life?' is more than a collection of lectures or set of assignments. It's a revelation that will ripple through every aspect of your life, from professional to personal, transforming how you conduct yourself in the vast sea of human experience. 


Weaving through Your Web of Biases 

A bias is not merely a choice, but often a lens, tinting the world about us. Join us in this quest to unearth and understand your webs of biases—gender, racial, preference-based—each a thread of learned prejudice, yet each open to the snip of self-awareness. 

Invite Change, Enroll Today 

Peek into this mirror that reflects the contradictions we often willingly overlook. Enroll in our free course today and step onto the path of growth and authentic truth. It's a risk-free, life-altering endeavor that promises to not only transform you but the world you interact with. Whether you are an executive seeking a leg-up in the boardroom or an artist yearning for a canvas untainted by partiality, this is your invitation to pause, to reflect, and to set a new course.  

Take the plunge and swim in waters free from the bias that has the potential to poison our lives. 

What Bias Water are You Swimming in that is Ruining Your Life

Between the ebb and flow of our daily decision-making, lies an invisible current that has the potential to steer us off course. It's the sum of our biases, an ingrained element as integral to our being as the air is to a fish underwater. Imagine this course as a filigree net, one that teases out the biases that have woven their way into your life, unraveling each knot and exposing them to the bare light—not to shame, but to liberate, to empower you with the freedom of conscious thought. 


The Undercurrent of Everyday Biases 

Every moment, we’re making judgments, crafting our reality—unknowingly scripted by the biases that guide our choices. These cognitive shortcuts can create unyielding riptides, dragging us away from the shores of objectivity, distorting our sight. Yet, identifying and understanding these biases offers us the tools to swim against this undercurrent.