Manual Handling Training

Each state has a similar section in the legislation… Work Health & Safety Regulation (QLD) 2011 section 60 states “A PCBU must manage risks to health & safety relating to a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual task…

Part of the Hazard & Risk Assessment is to identify issues and implement the hierarchy of control to reduce injury. Then comes the training which is conducted over a two hour period in groups of no more than 20 people.

There are three types of manual handling training:

Manual Handling of Objects

  • What is Manual Handling
  • Employer and Employee Responsibilities
  • Impact to YOU
  • The Human Body and How It Moves
  • The Spine
  • Manual Handling the SAFE Way
  • Specific Issues at YOUR workplace
  • Stretching Exercise
  • Practical Manual Handling Activities
  • Written Assessment

Manual Handling of Infants

This course is aimed at Childcare workers who are manual handling children.  The Practical Manual Handling Activities covers how to pick up infants safely and ways to minimise the need to pick them up.

Manual Handling of Persons

This course is aimed at patient care workers (home care workers or hospital bus transports) who are manual handling people. 

The Practical Manual Handling Activities covers how to assist patients in and out of wheelchairs, beds and onto buses.

Equipment needs to be provided or can be hired.

Risk Assess Manual Tasks

 You need to carry out a risk assessment for any manual tasks that have the potential of being hazardous or  you have identified as being hazardous.

A Risk Assessment of manual tasks will help you identify:

  • Postures, movements and forces that pose a risk and at what point that they may become dangerous
  • Why they are happening and what needs to be done to fix the situation.
  • A well-designed work area, work procedures, ergonomically designed tools and equipment will help eliminate or reduce risk factors associated with hazardous manual tasks. 
  • Failure to appropriately manage hazardous manual task may result in a breach of the Work Health & Safety legislation and incur penalties.