Chris Duncan, 7 Figure Influencer gives his reason why you should work with Corrina from The Answer is Yes

First Response Evacuation Training-Saved my House!

The first response evacuation training is created with easily understandable information.  Again it is made clear why I need to do the training and how often I must do it.  The legal obligations covered Queensland specific and the other states which shows the thoroughness and detail that’s included within the training for the user’s benefit.

Through the explanation of the fire triangle and causes of fire helped me appreciate better how to be proactive in mitigating fire risks and the templates included helped identify the right type of fire extinguisher to use.  Luckily for me, I bought a fire blanket to complement the fire extinguisher I had in the kitchen as the following day I had to use the blanket on an oil fire.  This video saved my house from catching fire!

Good use of realistic videos put a real emphasis on the effects of a fire at home and in the office.  The training duration was just right and a nice touch to receive a certificate to show completion. The training is highly recommended.

 Chris Ward, Cyber 365

Von Barnes
Principal of Pinnacle Properties

“When I was opening my company I was a little lost in what I needed for compliancy and support. Corrina was able to handle anything I threw at her, from Health and Safety requirements, through to Fire training, and staffing issues. What Corrina brings to the table is a wealth of knowledge and access to the widest range of resources and professionals, plus generous and sincere support. She delivers this valuable service in a friendly caring manner that has always made me feel secure and cared for. I will continue to utilise the wide range of solutions only Corrina can offer in the future of helping me run my real estate company”.

“Corrina from The Answer is Yes made being safety compliant so easy with their online training modules customised to our business needs.

The online course/training covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that was easily  absorbed and enjoyable to watch.

Corrina is passionate about compliance and  has shared her knowledge with our team, adapting with us as our business needs have changed”

Sarah Coyne, Azuno Developments

 Michael Spackman, Stellar College

 Would Highly recommend Corrina and her team. Very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help us with our building fire plan and training. Super fast and reliable. Cant thank you enough!

.Telia Dwyer, Design Governess

I work at a desk all day and I didn’t fully understand or realise the multitude of risks/hazards not only in my workplace but in other industries and sites.  Corrina made it very clear and easy to understand


Great insight into how much more we need to improve our OH&S within our own business“, 

Jonti, Platinum 3 Painting


“Corrina knows her subject matter and makes it clear and easy to use”

Jan Hogarth, Place Mate Architects 

Jan Hogarth's profile photo, Image may contain: Jan Hogarth, smiling, standing and outdoor

Doing Hazard & Risk Assessment Training was A very good way to spend an afternoon-it will start me on a journey I have been planing for a year but failed to start

Mark Bell, Desks Etc

The Hazard & Risk Assessment was very well explained, simple… so that every one understands

Maraia Cookson, In House Printing

It is an Easy System to use for our fire compliance”

Jessica, Axis Investment Centre