Establishing a Total Rewards Approach

Establishing a Total Rewards Approach to Compensation

Compensation supports and links to several HR programs and functions, so it is important that every HR Professional have at least a general understanding of Compensation. A well-structured, transparent, and objective Compensation program is important in attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent. This program will help HR Professionals Establishing a Total Rewards Approach to Compensation, and the future direction of Compensation in a changing environment.

Program objective

Participants in this course will learn the essentials of creating a Total Rewards Compensation Program for their company.

To be truly effective consider doing this step-by-step program slowly enough that at each stage you will learn what to do and then you go and do it before progressing in the course.

The course work required can be done with your work teams.

Cost of Course

$150USD | $220AUD | £115GBP | $230NZD | €137EUR