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The Ultimate Referral Program

For Businesses

Introducing the World’s #1 Affiliate Referral App

With the Strategic Alliance APP, you’ll gain access to the most efficient and user-friendly referral system available to boost your business’ income and create a thriving business!

The Strategic Alliance APP was designed specifically to provide all the affiliate marketing tools needed to reliably grow your business. You can expect great value for your money with a huge increase in customer traffic and sales from referrals.

How does the affiliate program work exactly?

When you purchase the app, you’ll instantly gain full access to our affiliate network where you can register your business as an affiliate and start advertising your program.

You need to be prepared to offer a commission fee to referrers if a sale results from the referral.  This may be 5% or whatever you choose

For the ultimate smooth-running operation, the APP will give you the payment details to processes the commission when someone refers a customer to your business that results in a sale.

So, what are you waiting for?

For just $99 per year you can take advantage of the Strategic Alliance APP to bring your business to the next level!

[Note: This is Phase 1 Release-Full functionality still in development-ie being able to track referrals within the APP]

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For Referrers

A New & Exciting App ANYONE Can Use to Earn Extra Income!

When you sign up with the Strategic Alliance APP as a referror, you’ll gain instant access to the most lucrative and user-friendly affiliate network available, so you can easily work with the businesses you choose to earn additional money.

You can refer yourself to a business and receive access to cash backs on sales

What exactly is the affiliate network?

It’s our world-class database of businesses looking for customers, and referrers wanting to spread the word.

Once you register to become a referrer for FREE on the Strategic Alliance APP, you just need to find some businesses that you like and would be happy to recommend to your friends, and then start sharing your opinion to bring the business some traffic.

Then after every referral you make that results in a SALE, you’ll receive a commission automatically!

It’s a win-win!

Nominate payment to yourself or to a nominated charity.

So, what are you waiting for? Now’s your chance to start earning the extra income you deserve. Sign up for free today!

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You can then choose whether to register as a business or as a referrer or you can do both!