Masterminding to Grow Your Business!

Why Business Masterminding?

For small business to survive in the market today it is necessary that they need to bank on their own skills and abilities by becoming aware of their own economic viability. Do not expect opportunities to just happen if you are not able to provide value to others.

Why Mastermind? Because it gives you the opportunity to grow faster, have exponential growth and see your business from a perspective that is impossible by yourself.

To move forward alone in business today as a small business owner or solo entrepreneur is basically impossible.  If you become part of one of my Business Mastermind Groups you will be given the opportunity to see the world and your business from a 360% perspective, one that is impossible without the correct mix of personalities styles altogether.

Masterminding gives you opportunities that you would not have thought possible.  You learn to view the world from all perspectives by having your peripheral vision opened. To watch the lights come on where there was confusion is remarkable.  The sense of relief received when someone can show you a way that you had never imagined.

Did you know that you can spend twenty years pushing the way you do now? Or, you can give yourself and your business the chance to grow fast, with input from complimentary business people from different personality styles.

A good Business Mastermind Group will give you the opportunity to have:

  • Accountability
  • Exponential growth
  • Your own board of directors
  • Greater leverage
  • Reach your goals easily
  • A closed confidential group
  • An ability to up-skill
  • Create a vision with clarity
  • Networking and new contacts
  •  Understanding the differences between your clients
  • Awareness of self and others
  • Life balance.

Business today is tougher than ever before.  Being able to stand out and be different from everyone else who does the same type of business is imperative. We need greater clarity around where we are going and what we want to achieve.

Discovering our own unique selling proposition (USP) is a must in our branding and the way we present our business.  We need to learn how to under sell and over deliver to keep our clients coming back.

Masterminding for a small businessperson is the best and most economical way to go about achieving the needs for a business’s future. Participants will be given the opportunity to have a ‘Board of Directors’ (meaning the other participants in the group) who can and will support, challenge and make you accountable so that can move your business forward.

The masterminding process will give you a real growth in your business and personal life, giving you the opportunity to design and create YOUR business the way you want it.

Virtual Business Mastermind Group

Six members and a facilitator meet every fortnight for three hours via zoom to Mastermind and work on each business for a period of six months.

You will also have access to optional online marketing training to grow your business.

The goals will be for you to achieve one of your goals every two weeks.  Over six months you will achieve 10 business goals for your business with the input and insights from the group.

Monthly Membership Applies


Different Types of Virtual Mastermind Groups 

Answer Yes Trainers Group -This group is for Subject Matter Experts who are wanting to convert their knowledge and experience into online training packages or webinars

Answer Yes Go Getters – This group is for those who have been in business less than three years

Answer Yes Step Up Group – This group is for those who have established businesses and employ staff but now want to take it to the next level.

Is Business Mastermind for You?

An Independent Board of Directors


What would I get out of Masterminding?

What Masterminding is NOT!

Goal setting through Masterminding