Human Resource Compliance

Human Resource is also:

  • Done FOR You

  • Done WITH You

  • Done BY You

Karen Vercoe, Human Resource Specialist and published author


Recruitment Course walks you through all the processes and steps in recruiting staff includes templates

Inductions & Contracts

Includes employment and subcontractor contracts and how to conduct the inductions

Position Descriptions

Without clear, concise position descriptions you could be opening yourself to potential HR Disputes

Performance Reviews

Conducting a performance review can be one of the hardest things to do… with our training you will breeze through it


If you get your payroll wrong it will cost heaps and may include penalties and legal action

Learning & Development

Developing learning & development training for your staff (keep it simple so that anyone can do it)

Stopping Aboriginal Discrimination

Staff Retention

Retaining aboriginal staff in an accepting environment that appreciates their cultural heritage

Normalising Aboriginal Culture in the Workplace

(Online Modules)