Conducting a Hazard & Risk Assessment

It is a legal requirement of the Work Health & Safety Regulations that “A Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking in managing risks to health & safety, MUST identify reasonably foreseeable hazards that could give rise to risks to health & safety“.

Note it does not mandate only businesses with employees but all businesses must identify hazards (clients, suppliers, contractors, public may be impacted by your actions)

You need to Know:

  • Legal Obligations
  • Hazards
  • Assessing the Risk
  • Mitigating the Risk
  • Prioritising the Risk
  • Creating Action Plans

Without a Hazard & Risk Assessment all documentation, procedures and policies are invalid as they have not been assessed against risk. It is also a breach against the WHS legislation as you cannot demonstrate that you have analysed potential harm to workers.

Hazard & Risk Assessment Options:
Hazard & Risk Assessment done FOR you

A WHS Consultant CANNOT come in and do a Hazard & Risk Assessment for you.  However, we can facilitate it!  No one knows your business like you do.  This is one area that cannot be delegated out to outside people.  We can train you on site and steer your team towards conducting a Hazard & Risk Assessment. (Hourly Rate Applies! (NOTE: minimum 4 hours and may attract travel expenses))

Hazard & Risk Assessment done WITH you

This is a group online ZOOM training session in which we conduct the training with your staff but you facilitate and complete the hazard & risk assessment with your team. (Hourly Rate applies)

Hazard & Risk Assessment done BY you

We have created an online Hazard & Risk Assessment Training Course which can be used for a group facilitation.  It steps out each process with explanations and guides you through doing your own Hazard & Risk Assessment.  All support documentation included and also a facilitators guide that gives hints and suggestions on possible hazards for various industries. (One off fee for each facilitated group)


After completing your Hazard & Risk Assessment your report can be reviewed by a WHS Consultant who may give suggestions on ways to mitigate the risk. (Hourly Rate Applies)