Goal Setting-Creating Your Year

Without Goals you lack purpose and direction. Most fail to achieve their goals because they identify an outcome without identifying the underlying motivation.  Setting yourself up for a successful year means getting clear on what you’re really going for and why.

The Goal Setting Course covers three key areas:

  1. Celebrate Your Accomplishments 
  2. Big Picture Strategy
  3. Chunking it down into actionable steps that are full of clarity

Plus… you get to explore the inner child… create a vision board that your subconscious wants!



Course Author-Jennie Gorman

Jennie Gorman is a coach, mentor, author and group facilitator who has a passion for supporting people to grow and become the best they can be authentically. She began promoting and marketing 25 yrs ago national/international speakers/trainers and runs mastermind groups.  She is also a mother, grandmother and down to earth business women who lives life with a passion for people. She is known as ‘the people connector’.

Her long-term success lies within her extraordinary network of people that offer skills, talent, and resources.  Her unique and natural gift is to bring people together to create the perfect fit and ultimately change people’s lives through relationship building and trusted communication.