Flow Australia (Networking)

Thinking Networking doesn’t work?

  • Have you tried all the networking groups and not gotten great results?
  •  Are you tired of hearing the same speech every week?
  • Do you want results!
  • Do you want a guarantee that you will get connections every meeting?
Do you meet the business Avatar?
  • Are you over 30?
  • Have you been in business/run a business for more than three years?
  • Are you Teachable?
  • Do you have a heart for community?

Flow Australia is Different!

  • Every person gets to do a 60 second Business Blast 
  • Every time you educate the members on a different facet of your business
  • You can’t give the same talk every week!
  • 25 minute Micro Workshop on information relevant to your business at every session
  • Meetings are every fortnight
  • 2.5 Hours each meeting
  •  Full Training Provided
  • Lots of Fun (games even)
  • Actual Networking
  •  No Attendance Policy
  • No requirement to give referrals
  • No requirement to bring visitors
  • Genuine, organic referrals!

Groups in 

  • Gold Coast
  • Brisbane 
  • Logan
NOTE: Not everyone is allowed to join Flow Australia groups.  You must meet the Avatar prerequisites.  To get an invite to find out more call Corrina on 3180 4422