Emergency Response Management Plan (Fire Evacuation Plan)

What types of emergencies should be covered?

The types of emergencies to plan for may include fire, explosion, medical emergency, rescues, incidents with hazardous chemicals, bomb threats, armed confrontations and natural disasters.

The emergency plan should be based on a practical assessment of hazards associated with the work activity or workplace, and the possible consequences of an emergency occurring as a result of those hazards. External hazards should also be considered in preparing an emergency plan, for example a chemical storage facility across the road.

In developing the plan, consideration should be given to the application of all relevant laws, including public health laws (for example, workplaces that are also public places) and state or territory disaster plans.

PROBLEM-Told what to do… NOT how to do it! (or have the experience to do it)

Emergency Response Management Plans should not be written until:

  1. Hazard & Risk Assessment has been conducted
  2. Fire Safety Audit is conducted
  3. Emergency Planning Committee Meeting has been held
Emergency Response Management Plan done FOR you

All experienced Fire Safety Advisers usually have a core Emergency Response Management Plan that will then need to be adapted to each business.  The adaption can be done for you (invoiced at a base rate then an hourly rate for adaption).  We have created our base template to be colourful, interesting and not boring!… a few sample pages

Emergency Response Management Plan done WITH you

You could try writing your own plan (will take about 40 hours for an inexperienced person) and then we can review it for you at an hourly rate.  Or if you have a currently plan that you would like audited we can do this for  you.

Emergency Response Management Plan done BY you

On this option we supply you with our base template and the online training course guides you through the decision making process and how to adapt for your businesses use. (Price per site)

This is the easier and most cost effective solution!