Course Authors

Course Author Get Start Program 

  • Step 1-Do the Course Authors Online Course
  • Step 2-Schedule a Course Development Appointment with a Trainer
  • Step 3-Access to our Learning Management Platform
  • Step 4-Create your course
  • Step 5-Review of your Course by a Trainer
  • Step 6-Peer Review
  • Step 7-Targeted landing page to promote your product on The Answer is Yes Website


You also receive:

  • Topic Exclusivity on our Learning Management Platform (no two courses can be on the same topic)
  • Training and resources for putting your course together¬†
  • Receive Technical talks on adding courses to the Learning Management Platform
  • Access to Marketing Get Start Program that will help you market your courses
  • Course Authors Facebook Page for support
  • Ongoing Marketing training
  • Zoom support sessions with a trainer
  • You also get access to a business coach, WHS expert, marketing support

There are a lot of Learning Management Platforms available, but why should you put your product on our platform?

Testimony from Two Course Authors... Chris & Jenni