Communication Training

Strengthening Your Assertiveness Skills

An introduction to techniques in assertiveness to build confidence and awareness around professional communication.

Becoming a Powerful Communicator

Participants will build confidence to communicate effectively, creating a professional portfolio of communication tools & strategies.

Bright Ideas on Influence & Communication

Useful tips and tricks to apply for better outcomes in communication

Foundations of Negotiation & Influence

Understand the principles on how to implement change with staff, colleagues and stakeholders.  Become a more powerful negotiator and communicator.



Learn practical skills on how to sell your ideas, influence stakeholders and assert your needs. Understand how negotiations works and what strategies you can implement to create a stronger, more lasting influence.

Increase Your Personal Influence

Whether you are involved in sales, negotiation, change management or motivational interviewing, learn how to identify the different types of influence groups and how to influence people into action.

Building Confidence & Being Professionally Assertive

Learn how to professionally communicate your wants and needs without being aggressive and when and how to respond assertively and confidently. 

To equip staff with the appropriate language to communicate their wants and needs; and to be heard without being aggressive or resorting to  passive behaviours.  

 Introducing Change into the Workplace

A professional development presentation with ideas and strategies to encourage and influence change in the workplace.

Creating Repeat Business Through Customer Service

Learn the fundamental principles of customer or client service by meeting expectations, preventing issues, keeping things running smoothly and  how to make an unforgettable first impression.

Enhancing Your Professional Networking

If you struggle to get the word out this is the course for you

Foundations of Negotiation

Learn the tools and strategies to allow you to respond to different personalities and what language to use in different situations.

Foundations of Managing Challenging Behaviour

This training is not about de-escalating dangerous behaviour, rather about creating more peaceful work environments. Participants will feel more empowered to deal with challenging behaviour and situations.

Introduction to Managing Challenging Personalities at work

Understand why people can frustrate us and ways we can communicate better with the people we find difficult.

Managing Challenging Behaviours

Acquire the tools and learn the strategies to manage and prevent conflict, identify triggers, employ conflict resolution solutions and identify types of difficult behaviours.

Managing Workplace Conflict

Identify potential conflict risk, learn tools and strategies to manage tricky situations and what is best practice for managing conflict in the workplace to avoid escalation.

Foundations of Managing Workplace Conflict

Learn some tips and tricks to identify potential conflict risk and manage tricky situations.