Career Development Training

Mentoring and Development

Understand who you are with our personal mentoring courses that are tailored to helping you grow, both in business and as an individual.

Our specific training program will help you attain your career goals and assist you to take on new and arising career challenges. 

Develop your interpersonal ‘soft’ skills for life and work with us to learn how to effectively deal with specific workplace issues and situations – including time management, stress management, and conflict resolution.

NOTE: Accredited PD training with NSW Education Standards Authority


Develop higher level skills and overcome barriers to build confidence to attain your career goals

The program is designed to provide a structured learning experience, with opportunities for reflections on your professional practice, challenges and barriers that occur during your professional practice.  The program encourages a creative response to these challenges for higher level performance and goal attainment.


The mentoring and development program support a community of practice for teachers, trainers, human resource personnel, counsellors, coaches, supervisors, managers and other professionals to interact and share their ideas, challenges, practices and insights to solve problems to develop an enhanced professional repertoire. 

The mentoring and development program rests on four foundations:

  1. Self-knowledge of who you are, career purpose, personal attributes, goals and skills
  2. Skill validation and development
  3. Mentoring for higher level performance in the workplace
  4. The way of being as honest, positive and constructive

Your Career Journey


  • The changing nature of life
  • Learning and Work
  • Your Career Journey
  • Your Career Aspirations
  • The Modern Workplace

Career Transition & Professional Development


  • Making a Career Transition
  • Your Professional Development
  • Taking Action for the next step to achieve your potential

Interpersonal Skills for Life & Work


  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Empathy
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Questioning Skills
  • The Gift of Feedback


Dealing With Specific Situations


  • Conflict Resolution through Collaboration
  • Time Management for Adaptability and Results
  • Work-Life Balance

Our program principles

The principles from which we operate and mentor our course participants rests on the following foundations:

  • Respect your professional journey that reflects your lifelong learning, challenges, issues and growth
  • Develop positive relationships with mutual trust
  • Maintain confidentiality with all information that will be shared during the program
  • Listen to you with an open heart and mind, without value judgements
  • Empower you as professionals to guide you rather than give direction