Hospitality Industry has 2nd Highest number of Cyber breaches

The Hospitality industry is reported to have the second-highest number of Cybersecurity breaches[1]. How are they still being breached even with expensive technical point solutions?

Several reports indicate the hospitality industry is under attack, as are other sectors, and breaches are commonplace[2].  In 2017 Sabre Hospitality was a victim of a security breach which impacted its SynXis hotel reservation system which allowed unauthorised access to payment card information[3].

However, surely with advanced technology available today, you can mitigate the risk, right?  Well yes and no, technology is only part of the solution, often overlooked is the human factor. This can influence the attack vector to gain access and eventually compromise sensitive information within your organisation.

There are some excellent technical products in the market, and yet large corporates are still being breached even with these products being deployed, through no fault of the vendor providing the solution in the first place.

You cannot mitigate every Cyber risk in an organisation, and if anyone tells you, they can, then you should look elsewhere for advice.

So what can I do about it?

The solution should be tailored for your organisation as not one glove fits all!

Here are some, but not limited to, steps you might want to consider:

  • Conduct a Cyber Maturity Review to ascertain what areas may require further enhancements
  • Conduct a Cyber Risk Assessment to identify the critical assets you need to protect and how.
  • Train all staff in Cyber awareness, onboarding and refresher training can help and is cost-effective.
  • Train selected staff to attend professional Cyber training

So don’t just rely on a technical solution.

[1] PwC’s Hotels Outlook report 2018 to 2022

[2] Insights Study into Cyber threats in hospitality


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