Abusive Customers

Under workplace safety legislation all businesses have a legal duty to provide a safe workplace, so they need to be thoroughly prepared for the possibility of abusive customers, violent customers and armed hold ups.

Most managers are aware that they must protect all staff members from workplace bullying, sexual harassment and violence between staff members but there is also a more urgent need to protect staff from customers!

Bar staff report that customer abuses is endemic and increasing.  Industries that must deal with the public are being subjected to all types of abuse.  Ranging from verbal insults and threats to all-out physical assault with weapons and in some cases sexual assault.

Managers need to be trained in how to defuse the situation and to back their staff.  The customer is not always right.  Managers need to make sure that their staff are safe and that they have the right to refuse service to customers who are abusive or making threats to them.

Conflict resolution is not just for internal use but needs to cover external influences.  The purpose of General Evacuation Training is to cover what to do in all types of emergencies.  Does your General Evacuation Training cover what to do in the event of armed hold up; active shooter or an aggressive person? 

What training does your staff need?  Are you supporting them? What behaviour will you not tolerate in your customers?  See how polite this manager was he orders his customers out of his restaurant.

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