Turnover of staff in Hotel industry creates problems

Often the hotel industry is peppered with students and part time staff, whom for many it is there first job.  It is an industry that traditionally has a high turnover of staff.  The difficulty for many Chief Fire Wardens is the requirement to “train” staff in general evacuation training within two days of commencement.  Many Human Resource Managers “train” their staff in General Evacuation Training, BUT how good is the training.

Often the quality of the training will depend on how that person is feeling that day.  There is often no consistency. 

I have had many people that say that they “train” their staff by telling them… “There is the door, get out”.  Or they show them where the exits are and think this is “training”.  General Evacuation Training is soooo much more than this.  To provide comprehensive training in General Evacuation Training should take around an hour and most HR Managers or Managers don’t have the time for this.

As hotels are often targets for armed hold up, you want to make sure that your General Evacuation Training includes something on what to do in the event of an armed hold up or an active shooter.  General Evacuation Training is about helping staff to make the right decision in all types of emergencies.

Some years ago I did some training in South Australia for a company that only wanted the Chief Warden’s trained as they did not believe the other staff needed training.  So I conducted a fire drill.  I went up to a workshop manager and said to him “This is a fire drill, pretend there is a fire there, what would you do?”  He looks at me for a second… you could see his brain thinking… he says “I know! I go to the assembly area and he takes off! …. I then went to the showroom and gave her the same spiel and she said “well I have no customers in the showroom at present so I go to the assembly area” and she takes off!…. No word of a lie… I went out to the warehouse and said the same thing to a warehouse person and he said “well I’m just a casual here, but hey, I can go to the assembly area and he took off!  IF you can’t see what the problem is… YOU need General Evacuation Training…

So, what is the solution?  The Answer is Yes has created a series of Online fire training courses.  What makes them unique is they are the only company that will (without charge) customise the training course to be specific to YOUR business.  A Fire Safety Adviser ensures that the training is consistent and complies with all legislation

Fire training does not have to be done face to face and staff can do the training online.  It could also be something that staff have to do before they start work!

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