What’s wrong with this picture?

This photo was taken on the third floor of a Melbourne hotel.  The electricians regularly serviced the emergency exit light and it was working, but they did not see anything wrong with this exit light.

Hotel maintenance regularly inspected the hotel but they did not see any issue.

Management when told of the issue brushed me off… can you see the issue?

The issue is that this light is in the middle of a hallway has the words EXIT… yes ideally it should be a running man sign… as not all patrons who sleep on the premises may be able to read english… but that was not the critical safety issue…

Now… imagine it is dark at night and the hallway is filling with smoke… people are trying to evacuate… they gravitate to the exit light… except… there is NO DOOR where the light is…

If the exit light had an arrow pointing to the door it would have been fine.  However the hotel potentially was putting the lives of everyone sleeping on that floor at risk.

Queensland requires that high occupancy buildings have fire safety advisers appointed to the business to ensure compliance with legislation.  Experience here would dictate that this is an unnecessary risk for clients.  This is an example of what experience gives you.

If you have not had an audit done by a Fire Safety Adviser… now is the time to take the first step.


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