How will a data breach at your Law firm impact your business?  It’s more than just your reputation at stake!

Legal entities are a prime target for criminals, imagine case files leaked that will affect the outcome of a trial, or put lives at risk by releasing the witnesses names, and where they live.

Law firms may be held accountable for negligence in not having sufficient Cybersecurity in place and could be liable for prosecution by third parties.

Business critical information and Intellectual Property are valuable sources of information for criminals and state-sponsored hackers.  This sort of data is available in every law firm, and breaches are continually being reported in Australasia.

A recent report from Australia estimated that the average cost of a data breach per organisation is 1.9Million Australian Dollars[1].  However, there are some simple steps an organisation can take to help mitigate this risk.

Simple Steps.

Have a review of the Cyber Security Maturity within your organisation and identify what your critical information assets are by conducting a robust and structured risk assessment.  This will help you determine what you do and what you don’t need.

Train all company staff in Cyber awareness, including your Lawyers with an online Cybersecurity awareness program.  

Conduct Cyber awareness training for onboarding all staff before they start and annual refreshers.