Nightly Safety Rituals

Before going to sleep at night most people lock their doors and check their windows but there are other nightly routines that could save your family’s life.

  • Before the kids go to bed, they brush their teeth, but they also need to clear their floor of toys and obstacles that may become trip hazards should they need to evacuate in a night-time emergency.
  • Remind the kids that if the smoke alarms should sound they need to climb out their window or whatever the route is to get out and to not worry about you.
  • If your doors have deadlocks – LEAVE the keys in the door as you won’t have time to go looking for them if the house catches fire.  

In 2015 a smoke alarm woke a 78-year-old woman after an overheated wheat bag was left smouldering in a rubbish bin.  When the woman tried to escape, the security screen was locked, and fire stopped her from reaching her keys. Firefighters were able to force the door open and the woman was treated for smoke inhalation.

  • Make sure the keys are in the security screens or you have emergency push out screens. In trying to keep unwanted people out of your home you make yourself a prisoner and no one can rescue you.
  • As parents, we often check on the kids before we turn in for the night.  When you check on them make sure ALL electronics such as laptops and phones are switched off and not resting on their blankets.
  • Close your bedroom door before you go to sleep. A shut door keeps smoke and heat out of the room and gives you time to evacuate the house.
 The Royal Children’s Hospital put out a really great Home Safety Checklist

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