Do Evacuation Signs & Diagrams Expire?

Building Fire & Safety Regulation 2008 and AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities states that businesses must have evacuation signs and diagrams and stipulates what must and what could be on the diagrams.

One thing to note though, is that diagrams do not expire.  There are some companies who put a validity date on the diagrams and they use this as an expiry date.  Diagrams DO NOT expire!  However, you must on an annual basis as part of your Emergency Planning Committee Meeting verify that the layout of the building has not changed.  The only time that you need to change the emergency signs and diagrams once created is when there has been a material change to the layout of the building.

Some of the companies that create emergency signs and diagrams also include things such as desks and movable equipment.  As these are movable then it is likely that the layout will change due to a business’s growth and that gives some of those companies an excuse to redo the diagrams.  Only walls and fixtures such as benches and pallet racking that are secured and fitted into the building need to be on the diagrams as they may impact the egress routes.

If you want professionally rendered evacuation signs and diagrams without the BS from other companies, The Answer is Yes has an online course that can walk you through on marking out your emergency signs and diagrams and if you choose we can have them professionally rendered for you.

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